All of Gayle's classes and workshops include step-by-step instruction and personal guidance. To watch Gayle teaching a class, please visit the Demonstrations page!

Gayle Levee is classically trained as well as being an excellent instructor. Helping students build a solid foundation of strong basic skills is one of Gayle's most outstanding assets. She is also encouraging, positive and easy to be with.

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Upcoming Workshops:

PAINTING IN THE BOSTON SCHOOL TRADITION - July 15, 16, and 17, 9 am-4 pm, 2015


PromiseAt the flowering of the golden age of American painting, a group of young artists traveled to Paris to study with the masters. There they encountered the Impressionists. These artists brought home a painting style which is the synthesis of Classical drawing and Impressionist color. You may recognize their names: R. H. Gammell, Edmund Tarbell, William McGregor Paxton, Jean-Leon Gerome, and Paul Delaroche.

Their art laid the groundwork for excellence in American Impressionism, and their instruction has carried this tradition to generations of American artists. I studied this method under Robert Douglas Hunter, who studied under R.H. Gammell. 

I wish to offer this knowledge to you. This intensive three-day workshop will cover drawing, form and volume, color, light and air, composition and brushwork. Most importantly of all, I want to help you learn to see.


This workshop is hosted by Warehouse 521. For more information and to register, please visit their website.