All of Gayle's classes and workshops include step-by-step instruction and personal guidance. To watch Gayle teaching a class, please visit the Demonstrations page!

Gayle Levee is classically trained as well as being an excellent instructor. Helping students build a solid foundation of strong basic skills is one of Gayle's most outstanding assets. She is also encouraging, positive and easy to be with.

To schedule a demonstration or workshop for your organization, please contact Gayle.

Upcoming Workshops:

PAINTINGS THAT GLOW - March 26, 27, and 28, 2015

Autumn River

Would you like to achieve luminousity in your paintings? Would you like to be able to create vibrant, luscious paintings that are accurate and realistic? In this workshop we will employ time-honored methods of creating the illusion of brilliant light and luminous shadows. We will also strengthen your skills in depicting the form and structure of your subject while making every brush stroke count.

This workshop takes place at the Cary Art Center in Cary NC. To register, contact

Midsummer Journey